Historical sites in Kilkenny Black Abbey
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5 Historical Sites in County Kilkenny

County Kilkenny is full of really interesting places to visit. Here are five historical sites in County Kilkenny well worth visiting. The Black Abbey (originally part of the Dominican Priory) was established by the Dominican [Read More]

5 Good hotels in Kilkenny 2
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5 Good hotels in Kilkenny

Here are five good hotels in Kilkenny well worth checking out if you are staying in Kilkenny. Click on the links to the hotels. You may be pleasantly surprised with the prices available especially the [Read More]

kilkenny hurling
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Sport and Entertainment

Kilkenny City Kilkenny has a long history dating back to the first Christian settlement there in the 6th century. In the 12th century following the Norman invasion castles and walls around the town were built [Read More]

Kilkenny events what's happening in Kilkenny
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5 Great Kilkenny Events in 2012

From May 4 to 7 2012, the 15th Kilkenny Rhythm and Roots Festival will be taking place at over 30 venues around Kilkenny. Irish, American, Canadian and British acts (more than 30 in total) will [Read More]